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We continue with the restaurant recommendations in Isla Mujeres, but now we will change from street food to restaurants.

Is a very good option if you are interested in trying a little less conventional Mexican dishes. They took the most representative dishes from different parts of central, southern, northern Mexico and put them on one menu. You can find everything from Veracruz pescadillas, mole poblano, ceviche from the southeast, Baja-style tacos, to cuts of meat that could very well compete with those from Monterrey. On the other hand, their cocktail bar is one of the best on the island, they use only natural and fresh ingredients in their drinks and they are all very original and delicious.

Mango Café
Has it happened to you that you find a restaurant and everything, absolutely everything you order is guaranteed to be delicious? Well, Mango Café is like that. It is located in the Meteorologico neighborhood, in the center of the island, and it usually is very busy in the morning, so we recommend you’re not super hungry when you go (in case you have to wait in line). They serve typical Mexican dishes like huevos rancheros, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos, but with a very Caribbean twist. They don’t accept cards, so be sure to take cash with you.

To change a bit from the Mexican menu we recommend this place. Madera focuses more on Asian food and meats, they serve delicious rice bowls, poke bowls, hamburgers, sandwiches and you also have the guarantee that everything will be delicious. It is located on the east side of the island at a midpoint between north and south.

The average cost of a dish in the restaurants mentioned above is around $170, adding a drink and tip, you could spend more or less $250.

We hope that the recommendations are to your liking. Really, do not forget to visit these restaurants on your next visit. It will be worth it!

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